Humbled and forcing a smile.

I’ve been a little lax in keeping this website up to date but I’m sure you’ll understand that my plate has been full.


I wanted to just say thank you to everyone for the affection you have showed towards my record and me. I have never experienced in twenty years of making records such a wave of love for the songs I’ve written. What I find so astonishing is that so many people have taken the time to let me know what the record means to them, for that alone I am grateful for life. Add on top of that the number of people who have seen it as their own personal mission to promote the record and you now find this normally cynical and hope free shell humbled and forcing a smile.


Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some links to press the album has received and some video footage that you may or may not have seen. There is, of course  a chance that my ire will return so expect the odd rant.

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