Following a seven year self-enforced  absence from the music industry, 2012 will see Martin Rossiter return with his debut solo album, filled with achingly tender songs.


Described as one of the most eloquent lyricists of his generation, Martin’s new work should continue to both break and mend hearts.


Part of the Welsh diaspora, Martin was raised on the melodies of Charles Wesley and the gritty glamour of Shirley Bassey. From 1991 to 2004, he was the singer of Gene – a group who, though often misleadingly described as a ‘Britpop’ band, did not fit the boorish and nationalistic mould but illuminated the 1990s with songs such as Olympian and We Could Be Kings. They disbanded in 2004, having accumulated 10 Top Forty hits, over a million record sales and a devoted international fanbase.


Martin currently has six live dates scheduled for November 2012 to support the release of his album The Defenestration of St Martin.


His live performances in the past have garnered him a reputation as a consummate showman and the forthcoming live dates will marry this with his new, intimate and delicate songs.