Spring tour and new single.

I’ve discovered I’m not a natural blogger. I promised myself to update this page every fortnight and this is my third post in six months. I have to credit my manager Jonny for his ocean sized patience, every couple of weeks he e-mails me to remind me to write something witty and incisive and every couple of weeks I fail.


Thank you to everyone who sent such generous messages after the birth of my third daughter Nancy. She is bonny, strong, healthy and seems to like my version of Twinkle Twinkle which bodes well for my future career as a children’s entertainer. I just need to perfect my balloon Stegosaurus.


As I’m sure most of you are aware I’m playing some shows in June-Brighton, London, Leeds and Cardiff. Jonny and I are currently trying to finalise support acts and should have some news for you soon. Cardiff folks, you are in for a treat.


It breaks my already damaged heart that we simply can’t afford to play everywhere. The hard reality of touring is that after paying Robin, petrol and accommodation (usually a Travel Lodge, luxury is a bed-fellow I know not) that we need to be paid about a fairly reasonable sum just to break even. Sadly this means that at the moment most places on earth are simply out of reach financially.


I’m going to be filming a video for another song from the album in a couple of weeks. It’s an idea I’ve had in my head for about twenty years and finally I have no one to say I can’t do it. Those of you hoping to see me high kicking down some steps dressed in nothing but a Dior basque might have to hold your breath a little longer.

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Humbled and forcing a smile.

I’ve been a little lax in keeping this website up to date but I’m sure you’ll understand that my plate has been full.


I wanted to just say thank you to everyone for the affection you have showed towards my record and me. I have never experienced in twenty years of making records such a wave of love for the songs I’ve written. What I find so astonishing is that so many people have taken the time to let me know what the record means to them, for that alone I am grateful for life. Add on top of that the number of people who have seen it as their own personal mission to promote the record and you now find this normally cynical and hope free shell humbled and forcing a smile.


Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting some links to press the album has received and some video footage that you may or may not have seen. There is, of course  a chance that my ire will return so expect the odd rant.

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Welcome to the new site

Welcome to my humble and diffident website. Expect inconsistency, contradiction and vexation.


Some may consider it as less than chic, but I am going to be hauling my gorgeous rear around the UK in the near future.


20.11.12 – Edinburgh

21.11.12 – Norwich

22.11.12 – Wolverhampton

25.11.12 – Manchester

26.11.12 – London

27.11.12 – Portsmouth


For details on how to buy tickets pop over to the Live page of the site.


My new album, The Defenestration of St Martin will be available from November 26th. To pre-order it and other items click HERE.





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